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Originally Posted by Callasan View Post
Sell EVERYTHING you get (save for ship/weapon upgrades) at any vendor. Sell the old stuff too - ad you advance, the ealier/lower mark gear becomes pretty much useless.

If you're not going for a Esco4rt, sell all your cannons. They don't work on anything but Escorts.

Plasma weapons have a nice DoT (wqhen it procs, that is...) but fire slowly. Up to you if you keep 'em or not. Me, I fly a escort, and use their cannons - nothing else.

Don't bother with the Exchange - p[ricing there is really wonky until people figure out how a economy works.

I'm at Lt.C 3 and have a fairly pimp ship equipped with noting but drops/mission rewards. If you HAVE to have white gear, at Lt.C level you can get Mk. III gear at Starbase 30-Sierra. It's base (white) gear, but if you have to have it...

Just dont sell to Ferengi. They dont give near as much as Federation traders.