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Originally Posted by Pep_Cat View Post
When you select a new mission, scroll down and it'll list what rewards you will get, or choose from, however, I'm not sure if you can do that after you have selected the mission.

Once you complete a mission, your rewards will quickly fly by in small text, but if you look in the chat window, it'll list Skill Points, Officer Skill Points, and/or Merits you earn. BO Points and Merits are in System Message text (yellow) and Skill Points will be under Reward text (blue). If you like, create a new chat window (right click chat window border and create a new tab called "Rewards"), then only allow the two Reward and System Message channels to be viewable in this tab.

If you have to Hail Starfleet to get your reward, then it'll list everything you earn as soon as you talk to the contact in question.
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