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Originally Posted by TheCeruleanSentinel View Post
HERE is T'Jahn, my Romulan. She is a little darker than many Romulans, but she has a propensity for sun bathing and active outdoor sports like rock climbing on Vulcan. Still you can see the contrast is a little better preserved from the material to the game. I always select the Unknown Alien species as a base since you have more active control of the sliders and colors. I like your hair styles. I often get that wrong. (She was meant to look like a Romulan Marie Digby)

HERE is Subol, my main character's "number one". He appears to be a fairly typical Romulan male. You will note that his still has the green tinge that T'Jahn has, but he is much more far like a typical Romulan. Still he is not as pale as the ones presented in your tutorial. (He was meant to look like a young Jack Palance as a Romulan)

It is so hard to make a distinctly Romulan character in the editor. I blame the lack of triangular uniforms and shoulder pads. lol

What bugs me is that many Vulcans from the TV series and movies had very Histical (Hebrew/Jewish) facial features, but they are practically impossible to mimic correctly in the game. (Lower nose lengths, high strong cheeks and thinner lips.) The poor Romulans likewise suffer in that regard, but you can easily produce the looks of these proud people with the unknown alien race...sad.

Good good post, Jaime!
Good read, thanks for sharing. Hehe, your Romulans are a little darker than I would go, but they capture the look as best as one can in this game. I had not noticed the Histical style of Vulcans in the show. That's a pretty interesting observation. More sample pictures of your creations are always welcome, guys. I would love to see what you had done both before and after this post.