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02-05-2010, 07:23 PM
Just out of curiosity, how much energy credits has everyone got? for reference, please include your character's level and how often you use the exchange compared to just selling to vendors.

I have 1.2 million energy credits on my captain 2 character -- if i get green or blue loot or rewards, i send them off to the exchange. most of my common white items get sold to vendors, but all cannons (i'm a science ship), other weapons that aren't basic types (photon torpedos/phasers/disruptors), consoles, and kits, i put on the exchange.

i get so much loot from just playing the game, not even farming, that i can only do 2 patrols + 2 or 3 storyline mission (or 1 sector exploration) before i have to transwarp back to starbase to unload it all. at the exchange if it doesn't sell overnight i just pull it down and sell it to a vendor no matter what (unless it's especially good and thus expensive as hell).

most of my credits come from the exchange, so if there was a disparity between taking time to put things up or not bothering and just using the vendors