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02-05-2010, 07:29 PM
Learn to read.

At least 90% of the players in STO a just plain bad. That's why they lose.

Bad PvPers should not post. Garbage in, garbage out.

A World Class PvP team will crush the average Klingon OR Federation team. They will win no matter who they play.

I can admit that I suck in PvP (regarding the link I gave, I would say that on my good days I'm a Fair PvPer--about 15th class as opposed to 1st class). Some people can't admit this.

I know this because I play poker (Hold'em) for money. I've been doing it for 24 years and 20 of those years have been in casino play (on a daily basis). I play vs World Class players. Of course, when I see there are World Class poker players at my table I look around and see if there are enough weak players in the game to make up the difference. If not, I leave. I'm not a World Class poker player. On my good days I would say I'm "Good."

Above me are players who are "Consistently" Good players, Very Good players, Fine Players, Very Fine players, Exceptional players, Very Exceptional players, near World Class players (think Single A, Double A, and Triple A Baseball) and then there are World Class players. And there are some World Class players that are better than other World Class players.

I try to play against weak to fair players. I have beaten other good players through skill but in the long run I lose against the consistently Good players since on my bad days I'm not playing my best game. I know my limitations. I don't always do as I know, but I try. I won't beat a Very Good player in the long run (luck plays a part in the game). I study the game and read the good books about it over and over. But reading a book by Mickey Mantle (The Education of a Baseball Player) won't make you play baseball like Mickey Mantle (though it did help my batting stance and batting average in highschool ball). And reading a very good poker book by Sklansky, Malmuth and a few other World Class players won't make me a World Class player. I know that.

There are PvPers here who are horrible. They don't even know where to begin to think. But they start Nerf posts and speak like they know it all. They have no idea just how badly they play; they think they're clever, just like the weak poker players at my table think they are superstars.

These people know nothing. They are annoying. Their posts are annoying. But I welcome them to my poker table. They have no power to change the rules of poker. And unless the developers are just catering to the wishes of the paying majority, they have no power here.