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02-05-2010, 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by Soltark View Post
There was an exploit where you could change your weapons by typing /powerhue 0 into the chat box but cryptic have taken that away because people couldn't tell what was being fired at them (I think didn't know how to do the command so they started whinging) The same people would complain about the connie if that happened. You won't have the ship long anyway.
If the blue color was tied directly to this specific ship instead of the weapons slotted in it then the "exploit" you are talking about would be minimized.

Yes you could still argue that a person could be using any kind of beams in this ship and they'd all look blue. But on the other hand everybody would know that this ship could only have at most 3 beam weapons so it's overall impact in PvP would be contained. In fact it might open up a good subset of PVP where people could use these against each other as a structured "random weapon" opponent.

Anybody who's serious about PvP could still use their tier 5 ships against each other without fear of facing unknown weapons. But we could also have our blue beams regardless of what we slot in them at the same time. It seems like a reasonable compromise to me.