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02-05-2010, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by Nybris
In Beta I ate Klingons for breakfast, the changes at release reversed that.

Only the small of mind really think they are winning so handily because of their uber skill.

PvP in every MMO I have ever played has been unbalanced in favor of one thing or another.

Right now the two things that I'm envying Klingons for is cloak and the ability to slot as many of one type of officer into a ship as they want. Sure it makes the ship one dimensional, but if you play on a team it makes that ship extremely powerful. Especially when the hold immunity timer is broken and you can slot multiple officers with the same hold as you want to completely paralyze a Federation ship until it is dead.

My response to all the Klingons trying to defend their overpowered PvP status right now with responses like learn to play is grow up. If this is the only response you have then you don't have one.
L2P realy.

Ive been into enough matches were Feds had a good going and they are by far not underpowered.

If you just dont know how to utilitize your class and ship, which most Feds are bad at, you lose.

It just takes some skill and good perception to react properly.