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# 1 Show Me The Crafting!
02-05-2010, 08:02 PM
This is a post to bring awareness to the fact that the game is lacking in crafting. The game so far seems to be very well done but i know tons of gamers that are all asking the question, where is the real crafting? The collection of raw minerals and producing goods through a process of profession! This is what the game needs! I am wondering if Cryptic will heed these words! Let there be crafting! Let there be a planet for each person to colonize with there own home, farm, resources, guild city, shuttle craft, pet taming, let this crafting era take off! Ok i may have gotten a bit out of control there but seriously, how cool would that be for your guild to build eachothers home on there own (instanced) planet with there own custom houses and structures.. EPIC! Just a few good ideas for ya Cryptic!