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02-05-2010, 08:15 PM
Originally Posted by Khabok
You know what... I work in a noc.

It stands for Network Operations Center. And let me tell you... they f'ing KNOW the server is down. I guarantee that there's alarms going off all over the place.

Don't bombard them with a bunch of stupid e-mails. That is NOT what they need right now.

Jeeez...some people are just idiots.
No kidding.

I'm a NOC guy as well. I do edge security and forensics. If one of my servers goes down at least two of my people are awakened from sleep and the on duty staff goes nuts.

For gods sake- there's actually a klaxon on site which goes off. Sounds like a air raid.

But the real fun starts during RCA meeting (That's "Root Cause Analysis"). That's when heads roll. That's when the guy who decided to bounce the mail server gets fired.

Oh... they know. At least 30 of them. and prolly 7 of them are running for their vehicles with sleep in their eyes and no coffee.