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02-05-2010, 08:16 PM
The Klingon Black Fleet (aka KBF) has been around a very long time.
We were brothers in battle in other games before some who are playing STO were born.
Where we come from, our Honor and prowness in battle has been proven consistantly.
Our Fleet name is synonomus with Honor and Courage.
And our name even precedes us here.
Many from other fleets, both Federation and Klingon have welcomed us here.
But we "offend" you? You "advise us to change our name"?
Do not try to advise me on anything, there is nothing you can say that could possibly matter.
And the name of your fleet? This could prove...interesting...
Your battle record as a Klingon?
What have you done to prove yourself worthy of being called a Warrior?