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02-05-2010, 08:17 PM
Originally Posted by Ardekke
The funny thing is that as a Klingon I play PvP 100% of the time. I actually feel kind of out of place doing the occasional PvE mission (habitually check to see if they fixed Azure Neb. once a day). Like I'll accidentally "blow my wad" on one little romulan bird-of-prey and then be shooting bee-bee's against that warbird battleship I fly up to 10s later. Now admittedly it's not a big deal being easy-mode PvE but all my BOff's, equipment loadouts, and tactics are designed for PvP exclusively. I have a feeling the reverse is true for the Feds.
not really, the good stuff in pve is still the good stuff in pvp. the difference is that you can get away with carrying the bad stuff.