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02-05-2010, 08:25 PM
and yet the feds want FvF they claim because their lines are to long. When infact there are not enough feds to go around in the ques.

The issue you were having is easily explained. The que system does not work as intended. here is what happens. Que sees there are 5 feds and 5 klingons qued. It sends out the invites. You clicked your and went in the 5 klingons clicked theirs and went in. 4 of the feds were in another pvp and thus auto declined or they pressed hide either way the system waits the full time then looks for more feds to invite who might be in another battle so the same thing happens.

The system should be designed to remove a person or group from the ques once their enter a match. IF they hit hide it should immediatly look for the next person instead of waiting the full time before replacing them.