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I paid alot of money for the Deluxe Edition of STO and there is NO Manual in the box set I got at GameStop. This is my first Cryptic game and it would have been nice to have a book listing the keyboard commands and instruction on how to post items on the exchange, chatting with friends, find mycrew, etc..., for the price I paid for the game $79.99. Also it would be of great help for the mission rewards be listed in the In-Progress missions.

Movement in space is jerky when you get near an enemy contat that out of the blue pulls you in all by itself. Movement on the ground with away team members is funny as hell when your team gets stuck in doorway you just walked trhough. Navigating any friendly starbase is like playing a pin ball game whit paying customers as the bass, bouncing of other player & NPC's as well
Look for the


next to your mini map. Click on it, then click on Access Library Computer.. that is the in game manual.

Also the Digital Deluxe Edition was only $59.99 and is a Download only

the regular Edition is $49.99 and is either download or box disk version

the Collector's Edition was $79.99 and only came as a box. the manual should be inside the box as claimed by the package content.

Deluxe Manual: High end, hardbound, art book, manual, and disc case in a single, elegant package. “HD Printing” on over 40 glossy pages of exclusive art from the Star Trek Online Universe.

also BTW, the game controls are pretty much idiot proof.. took my 8 yr old about 10 seconds to figure out all the controls and how to work all the in game mechanics when the mechanic was presented to him.

There are some Vague things, but a shout in the Zone chat and someone will give you the info you need.

My kid even tought me that holding both mouse buttons will steer the ship during the Open Beta. (I was trying to use the Right mouse button like in other MMOs).