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02-05-2010, 08:45 PM
It was said over and over and over at the end of OB.

Game No Worky.

Unfortunately, a lot of this got sidelined with a completely irrelevant discussion about capped vs. non-capped skills systems, and people confusing the original uncapped system with the idea that you can level up infinitely. Stormshade's propaganda response of "if there was no cap then you could build up a spare reserve of points that would make new content trivial because you'd be able to instantly spend the banked points" didn't help either.

The fact is that the system was designed with no cap but now has one that is extremely low. At Admiral rank you can only upgrade a tiny few skills before you run out of points.

Granted, the level cap is currently 45, so whatever we can spend now will be doubled soon. Still, even doubled, the choices are extremely limited and there is no way at all that you can afford to spend points in the ship class categories - you need to focus on ground skills and general ship buffs.

The cap needs to be raised, or preferably removed altogether.