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02-05-2010, 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by cocoa-jin View Post
Its still all bogus. Im a pilot..I play dog-fighting I think 3D. There is nothing worse then knowing you should be able to pull off a spiffy maneuver from where you are to bag the guy, but cant because Cryptic wants to hold your hand and tell you you cant do it.

They have gimped us un-necessarily. I make it work with it...but it bites none the less.
Agreed, and whether or not Cryptic admits it, the way it is now can easily be exploited by beam ships, especially because cannons have such short range now.

The whole 3d space thing wouldn't bother me, if it wasn't possible to exploit someone by merely going a couple degrees above, or below, their firing arc at an angle that's artificially handicapped by Cryptic's game design.

At least let Escorts and BoP's either shoot anything within the forward arc, no matter what angle up and down, or let BoP's and Escorts full 180 degrees of pitch.