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02-05-2010, 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
...there is certainly a mental discipline that helps a person become good at PvP. But I don't think I'm some PvP genius, obtaining strategic heights closed to mere mortals. I think anyone should be able to do as well as I do if they just took the game seriously enough to actually look at the items and stats, look at what's working for other people and just go out there looking to win and kept that up for a week or two. We all start out sucking at the game but a week or two of aiming to win is enough to put you in the big leagues, in my opinion (especially in a game like this that doesn't have a huge dependency on "gear" and other things that can artificially separate you from the "pros")

...because 3 people trying to win is better than 5 people who mostly don't care.

That, I think, is what really separates winners from losers -- not some mysterious skill set, but just wanting to win and making a mental effort towards that goal.

So yeah, I can see creating a league. I can see where that could be good, to go up against even matched teams more often. But it's really a workaround for an underlying problem: too many people out there don't care to get better, quit when the going gets tough, don't see the fun in a challenge, can't see the challenge in a losing scenario and want to play against other lazy quitters like themselves rather than just getting better at the game.

In summary, there are three groups of people:
  • Newbies
  • Pros
  • Quitters

Everyone starts off as a newbie. In a game like this, where you go from there is up to you.

I mostly agree. But even in, say, MLB, you can see that some players are inherently better than others. They're both in the big leagues, but would you rather have Bucky Dent, or Alex Rodriguez? Some players are just stronger and faster than others.

In poker there are great players who have tremendous recall. They also have the ability to allow their subconscious minds to solve problems for them. They "feel" a player is very strong or very weak, etc. Not always, but sometimes.

It's really their subconscious mind filtering all the available data and providing an answer. Even they don't know how they do it. I see myself doing it on occasion.

In a way it's the same in MMO PvP. If your reflexes are bad, you won't succeed as much as your faster opponent. If you don't think/react as quickly, you will do worse as well.

I agree that giving up (if you want to play) is a horrible option. Certainly I myself get somewhat better in PvP and Poker over time, and in Baseball when I was younger.

Given your psychological state of mind (you're not a quitter) you can't accept that you won't succeed if you try hard enough. I have to say that that is the attitude almost all great players have. It can turn a Single A Baseball player into a Major League player. But there are also levels in MLB.

You are right about attitude, and one should always have that winning attitude. On the other side of the coin if you are wired to react within 3/10ths of a second (normal) you will do better than a player who is wired to react in 3.2/10ths of a second. So there are some physical and mental limitations.

Attitude is something I agree with 100%. If you can make it, you won't make it as far without that attitude. Quitting guarantees you will not succeed, or will not achieve as much as you could have.