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02-05-2010, 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by Phoxe
Hey guys! We wanted to all let you know that we've made a great discovery in researching the missing traits on the Borg Bridge Officers.

They actually are not even missing their skills. There is a bug involved here, but fortunately the bug is that those skills are not displaying on the character. The skills should be there, and should even be getting used by the bridge officer in fact.

We made a mention of this earlier in another thread, but we want to make absolutely sure to get the message out to everyone.

Thanks guys for your patience!
Jackalope clearly stated in the Pre-Order Q&A the following:
"More than a skin. The Boff will also possess special innate traits. Heck, let me give you the names: Borg Nanites, Neural Blast and Efficiency."

While I have yet to see my Borg Bridge officer use the Neural Blast, some people have stated they have. So I'll throw you a rope on that one and give it to you. The Borg Nanites is suppose to be a health regen correct? I suppose it's kinda of hard to tell how effective that skill is working, so I'll throw you another rope on that one and go with the fact that it's working. My problem however is with the Efficiency. When your Borg Bridge Officer is assigned no ship stats change. When it's suppose to provide the following:
+5 Starship Shield Efficiency
+5 Starship Engine Efficiency
+5 Starship Energy Weapon Efficiency
+5 Starship Auxiliary Systems Efficiency

I created a new character to even test this theory, I examined my ship stats, then compared them too after I had my Borg Bridge Officer join the crew and guess what... no change! But now that I think about it... I didn't even get my boosted stats for being a Liberated Borg, which I made the new character. And I'm fairly certain my existing character did? I'd log in to confirm this but the server seems to be down yet again. Am I just completely misunderstanding what Efficiency is suppose to do? Is it not suppose to boost the power levels 5 above the max on each of the above? If that's what it's suppose to do, you guys need to look into this further because clearly it's not working still.