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02-05-2010, 11:22 PM
I say removed.

The skills tree is a specialisation tree, the skills stack with other tiers skills (and only same type - Not even sure if thats the case - seems to be - was busy debugging and the stats display were confusing and basically FUBAR to begin with) not same tier skills and they restrict you to certain equipment - more skills means more flexibility / versatality not more powerful.

I can see issues with saving skill points beyond a certain limit but you have a decay over that limit and can always aquire more (decay rate would have to be roughly equal to aquisition rate - forcing you to get a limit per day etc. - ie. you might only be able to raise 1 Tier 5 skill per day).

The more changes they seem to throw out like this, the less fun this game looks.

I heard about the limit during Open Beta and wasn't particularly happy about it - I don't recall them saying anything about a limit before and it simply doesn't make sense with the skill tree. I didn't think it was that bad either as I figured you'd at least get some decent amount of skill at the top level (that is essentially End-Game stuff and those skills impact that exclusively). Its not like one can get demoted in STO.