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02-05-2010, 11:30 PM
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I paid alot of money for the Deluxe Edition of STO and there is NO Manual in the box set I got at GameStop. This is my first Cryptic game and it would have been nice to have a book listing the keyboard commands and instruction on how to post items on the exchange, chatting with friends, find mycrew, etc..., for the price I paid for the game $79.99.
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If it is anything at all like the CE edition the instructions are in the last few pages of the "art" book..........
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Originally Posted by LUE_The6BillionKgMan
That's all the print manual says anyway, but I have the CE and the physical manual is the last few pages of the art book.
Pretty much this: The info/manual pages are at the end of the small hard-back Art book.

You can also check online, either on this website or in-game as the Robo-Starfleet Terminator guy suggests.