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# 30 My Borg BO is incomplete
02-05-2010, 10:36 PM
I don't think the issue is simple as a non display bug.

You say that the skills are there. I'm not sure that true.

The passive space skills don't show on my ship when the Borg BO is assigned. And no change when she's removed.

Also I have seen no evidence AT ALL that the ground abilities are secretly active. I have had the rest of my BOs set to passive and sent in the Borg BO without weapons or armor and all the did was punch and punch and punch.

Now im not saying that the traits are gonna make or break my BO but without them working properly she's almost a liability.

First, list all the abilities in an offical post what the abilities are so we don't have to rely on speculation.

Second, fix the bug that is preventing the general/racial traits from working.

I know where less than a week from launch so I'm willing to cut you guys alot of slack.