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02-05-2010, 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by Ericdee
You guys that "know" what your doing offer the best excuses for why the IT guys are fail and wil continue to be so. Instead of offering great excuses on their behalf, why dont you just apply and get a job there and offer your "vast knowledge" to fixing the problem instead of justifying the endless server crashes and failure rates.
Are you serious? Did your parents drop you on your head a lot as a kid? Those of us who have worked in IT know stuff goes wrong and that screaming "FIX IT!!!11111" doesn't fix it any faster.

Maybe I should go throw a tantrum at mechanical engineers that explain the laws of physics that lead to engine failure because my car blew a head gasket recently. I mean I am sure that will magically make my car work and never fail again.

I know software can be mathematically proven to work. I also know this costs such a ridiculous amount of money that only software like that which controls the space shuttle has that level of analysis done. And they still had bugs in that.

Pay peanuts, expect perfection and cry when it isn't delivered.