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02-05-2010, 10:36 PM
Attn: Vice Admiral John Hayken, Fleet Operations, Sol Sector, Starfleet
Regarding: Starfleet Requisition Oversight

=Message starts=
When Starfleet asked me to conduct research for them I was overjoyed. The ship lives up to my expectations, the research equipment is acceptable. However I seem to suffer from the lack of any shuttlecrafts and previous requests for a shuttle have been denied.
So I have been forced to use escape pods to help conduct my research. However due to the small size there is hardly any room for all the equipment, and maneuverability is very limited. Infact we have been forced multible times to use tractorbeams to retrieve a pod before it would drift too far away.

Because of this research is going slow, and Starfleet have been pushing for some results soon. Dispite I keep reminding them they haven't given me the much needed equipment.

I therefor plea to you Vice Admiral. Spare any shuttlecraft to help progress scientifical studies for the Federation.

Doctor Talamana S. Arclight
Acting Captain of the U.S.S. Freyja, NX-91002-A

=Message ends=

((OOC: Hope its not to late. If so? then just consider this for the joy of RP. ))