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02-05-2010, 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by Hakawau View Post
Can you believe you came to read a post titled troll?
Really lame of you to come and see someone rant about the downtime.
You seriously call everyone a troll for *****ing about the downtime, but come anyways.
Please just go ahead and post whatever you want.
The downtime still really sucks, and its starting to get annoying.
I mean really, on a weekend?
Cant they get things right over there to keep servers up for their first weekend?

Sad I guess, hopefully they have things together soon.
Usually I would understand its a launch of a new MMO, but this is no small title.
Cryptic should have taken note from open beta how many people were going to be interested.
Kinda really sucks sitting around on a weekend not being able to play what I purchased.
So go ahead and feed the troll
I most definitly agree. Even though STO is great, I still think Cryptic dropped the ball on many things. Including constant server maintenance and the lack of prepaid time cards.