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09-10-2008, 08:32 PM
Honestly the best way to get into the gaming industry is to live near a studio in your area and get hired on in their QA department. Most engines used by gaming studios is proprietary. So in a way there is no way to prepare for any studio other than learning the programs you have already learned you mentioned that will interface with the engine that the studio you work for uses. So if you have all that school experience like you said they won't care you have a degree or not. Just get your foot in the door work your butt off and if you get along with the producers there you will get moved into the area you are strongest at. At the studio I work for they don't have "writers" but, designers. They will do a little bit of all of that to help shape the game as it evolves. You wear a lot of hats in the gaming studio pretty much no matter what department you are in. Good luck!