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02-06-2010, 01:46 AM
Originally Posted by Meat_Machine
I am not sure I am saying it right.

The feds have an -obvious- strategy here which they can execute without coordination. They can bunch up and focus fire. Beating that requires misdirection.

I don't know that I would say they have an advantage one way or another in t2 - the sides are so different that it's hard to quantify. One side has specialized ships and cruisers, the other is -all- dps ships that are flexible.

In t2 if both teams are playing poorly, feds win.
Precisely why we can say the Feds have a slight advantage, if both sides plays equally well (or poor) and the outcome is tilted one way, it is only natural to conclude that that faction have an advantage.. It *is* only a slight though, as it is possible to beat that dreaded fedball, even without vent coordination/highly specialized and trained players.. 5 decent Klingons can easily beat the "lets huddle up in a blob and heal whatever ship gets attacked"

That said, I *have* seen Klingons that decloak/drops out of full impulse at 9k and just fly slowly in toward a target at a quarter impulse.. Sometimes the 4 "good" players can cash in on it, scoring a couple of kills, but often the Klingons lose in this case, simply because no matter of healing will save a newbie that turtles ahead without presenting other shieldarcs, he will die too fast for the 4 Klingons focusfire will have much of an effect.. Its not like its hard surviving for extended periods, even when prioritytartetted, I often stick it out for 30-90+ secs even with multiple people gunning for me (depending on my exact setup, Ive found that dropping a tractor on their primary DPS ship helps a lot.

Should also say that while I do decently enough, Im by no means some godsent PvP player, Ive seen exceptionel players and teams on both side.