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02-06-2010, 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by Zostrel
It's currently impossible to determine if Captain's level space pvp is anything resembling balance since I've never been in a game where Fed numbers = Kilingons. Last capture and hold Klinks had +5 guys. How does the queue determine it has enough and why do I keep going into games where the klinks already own every base? I'm first in after 2 seconds and they've taken every base? How?
This is due to how the queue system works. In other games, when you enter an instance, you are removed from the other maps queue's....however in STO you arent. So when a new map starts, there are open spaces becaue it takes a minute for YOUR old queue to expire and let someone new in (you).

You got into the map because other people were queued for that map but didnt take it, because they had already taken another map. So you come in after a minute or more