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02-06-2010, 03:53 AM
Endonian my affiliation is to the Federation but my fleet has been around for 10 Years and has fought against these Warriors of KBF many times and at no time have they ever displayed any dishonour towards there enemies or there allies.

If I was to be a Klingon I would want to hang around with these guys for the following reasons

1. There honourable

2. There a bunch of really good people

3. There highly competant

4. They have been playing star trek games since they started in some cases way back with SFB and certainly all have played the SFC series of games

5. They dont smack talk like a lot of Klingon units do

6. They are a mature bunch

So I think they have qualified to be treat with a lot more respect than you are showing them. To put it in an RP slant for you. They have fought and died many times on servers far older than you and have earnt there place in Stovokor and in the Black Fleet. Be gone young pup and earn your Warrior title you Targ Pup.

Krueg pm me or Fadedsparks on our forums I got a proposition for you, and something else to think about aswell.