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02-06-2010, 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by Khromm View Post
Okay, so the point behind the cap is to prevent high level players from outclassing newer high level players in PvP. That I can appreciate - I wouldn't want to get to 45, decide to go into PvP because all else that's left is exploration/fleet actions, and get toasted every time I faced off against a single Klingon Brigadier General because he's got more skill points than me (no... wait... that would almost seem fair... better skilled opponent... what a challenge...)
The fix for this issue is very simple (at least on paper :p ): put high end PvP brackets based on skill points spent past the max level (wich seems to be 45 now), like a 60,700 - 69700, ect ect... letting each bracket having a +-2 maxed admiral's skill between players, like it is approximately the case in previous levels (a fresh lvl 11 player will probably get severe owned by a skilled lvl 20 player, but might still have his chance against (sorry for the caricature) a lvl 20 PvE carebear doing PvP to kill time and/or get a special item.

Anyway i can accept a skill cap, as long it is infinite :p