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02-06-2010, 05:12 AM
Originally Posted by Destoroyah
I agree T1 space favors klingons as they start out in MK 2 gear all around, even some greens. I found very little space items to buy with pvp or exploration merits as there was nothing to really improve upon. Maybe if they started klings in all MK 1 greens so they have something to improve upon and something to spend those points on.

Most feds usally start pvp with some MK 2 gear, but most usally end up with alot of stuff they still could improve upon.

As for Tier 2 favoring feds in space, that might be somewhat true now till the klings get their tier 2 cruisers.
BoPs are more manuverable, which means once a player is used to that they can stick to a miranders blind spot fairly easily.

The gear is justified (though maybe slightly over compensated) as remember Feds will have been picking up loot/drops and getting quest rewards and buying stuff on the exchange etc... upto level 6, Klingons start at 6 (after the orientation quest) and so need a chance to have a level setting, The idea of just depositing 600 medals into there character instead of the gear is pretty cool though.