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02-06-2010, 06:00 AM
So far I tested some and here is my opinion .. but i'd really like to hear more about guns too.
First, all energy guns do the same BASE level of damage if at the same level and equivalent name. Eg: lvl 6 common Phaser, Disruptor or Plasma arrays do the same base damage (127 DPS). Not sure if is the same for the other ones, but i suspect it is. On the top of the base damage each type fo weapon seems to have an extra function which contributes in some way.
Phasers = 5% chance to disable for a very short period of time (seconds) a subsystem
Disruptors = 5% chance to lower target's Damage resistance by 10% for 15 sec.
Plasma = (as far as description states) guaranteed extra damage for 15 sec (usually about the same extra DPS as the gun specs)
Tetrion = 5% chance to inflict extra 10% damage to shields.

no idea about the next level guns ... but i will probably post it here if i get more info.

From what i see myself, plasma look the better choice ... obviously from my point of view.
Torpedoes: i do like quantum, but since i managed to fit my cruiser with some turn enhancers and the skills ... make me able to face my target more than 50% of the engagement ... so i switched back to photons (for now) for the faster recharge and higher DPS. i will still have to test the other available ones out there. i am not that keen on plasmas as my preferred high yield skill results in them being easy to shoot down.