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09-11-2008, 12:41 AM
Originally Posted by RandomRedshirt View Post
"To seek out new life, blow it up, blow it up again, destroy your enemy, kill kill kill and do it again."
Don't forget "...and then take its stuff."

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Are we sure that we aren't looking at a Mirror STO instead of a real, true to the franchise, Star Trek MMO?
Hey, don't forget I'm the guy who suggested that STO should be designed as BOTH the "regular" Star Trek universe and the Mirror Universe! I'm still loving the idea that everybody who prefers to blow stuff up could create characters in the Mirror Universe who would actually be rewarded for being as bloodthirsty and Machiavellian as possible, and that they'd be able to have this play experience without destroying the more cooperative behavior that's defined as hard canon for the Starfleet of the main Star Trek universe.

Offering both worlds in one game would be harder to do than your typical MMORPG, it's true. But what a refreshing change this would be from the typical MMORPG! Wouldn't it be interesting to see a major online RPG where those players who prefer cooperation over destruction (you know... like the Federation characters in Star Trek) could play a game where they were rewarded for that, while still being a game that is welcoming -- and completely within the spirit of Star Trek lore -- to those players who enjoy the thrill of battle and who like to compete to see who can collect the most stuff?

Originally Posted by Keo
am I the only one who read that he used to work on "The Sims Online" then had their brains kick into repeating "Please do a better job than that, please do a better job than that, ..." over and over?
For what it's worth, Keo, I've talked with one of the creative guys who worked on TSO. He made it very clear that there were a lot of things they wanted to do for that game that they just weren't allowed to do.

I wouldn't hold that one against "Captain Geko."

(Actually, it's sort of interesting to speculate on whether The Sims Online, had it been developed under today's EA rather than the one they've admitted was waaaaaaay too controlling and disruptive to the creativity of game devlopers, might have been closer to the amazing online game we all expected....)