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# 1 How to improve PvP
02-06-2010, 08:17 AM
1. make Systems open to pvp so that when your not in pvp you can zone into systems and search for enemies of course there needs to be a cap for how many can be in a system at the same time but this would make pvp more open.

2. Death penalty when fighting in an open pvp zone you should be ported back to your starting system or the sector next door in order to stop the never ending respawn.

3. Lock down the Systems or Zone that your in when fighting after a certain time or amount of players that have joined. Give Rewards to wining Side and punish the losing side. ( if the run away they wont be able to enter a pvp zone again in 15-20 minutes) ( if they die they are as from option 2 out of the battle but free to join a new one once they are back and ready to enter the zone).

4. Add Star bases and other Defensive Structures in that zone in order to make Ground tactical.

5. if you want to make more then just space combat take it to the ground so that once you die in space you spawn on the ground of the systems planet that your fighting around.

6. Server Victory !!! put up a system where a total amount of points have to be achieved in order to win.
Give goodies to both sides but less to the losing side.

7. Ability to jump people in sector space that is contested to drag em into a open Space Battle. the amount of people that can join one of these battles should be 1-20 ? or 1-5 or 1-10 per Side that is.

8. also give me more Reasons then just a respawn timer not to die. i feel no adrenaline when playing with nothing to lose.