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02-06-2010, 07:38 AM
Originally Posted by JeanLucSkywalker View Post
Dont whine about feds in t2, its the only place feds can win, if you are in a team that isent stupid in t3 you can dominate with your cloaking battle cruisers with 13 turn radiuses and cannons to boot and feds cant do anything about it since escorts dont copare at all to BoPs and heavy cruisers dont compare at all to battle cruisers
Do you have any ship stats for comparison?

I would like to see a quantifiable or numeric comparison of stats across the board for ships of the two factions.

The most important stats would be officer stations and console slots, but would also like to see base turn rates, shield and hull strength, and of course weapon slots.

Otherwise simply saying 'one is better than the other' leaves the interpretation open for tactical (player skill) differences.