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02-06-2010, 07:43 AM
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I was just thinking about the opening segment for STO where Linard Nimloy describes what is happening in the ST world. He says something about the Dominion regathering their forces. Wasn't Odo sent to the Founders to show them his prespective on solids and prevent another war with the Dominion? What happened to Odo? Did he rejoin the Federation or did something happen to him when he was on the Changeling homeworld? I'm just curious because my character in STO is a Changeling who joined the Federation. Thanks. Live long and prosper!
I was also thinking about this. It's a very good point. Though odo did seem to stop the war etc, there was plenty of "scope" to see that odo was one from a collective. So in sci fi theory maybe he simply wasn't enough to prevent war forever?

I wonder if any of the trek books have adressed this?

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