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The Romulans aren't a threat. They just saw their homeworld destroyed. The only thing the Romulans should be concerned about is the Klingons pushing through their borders (ideally). Since this isn't a scenario I'm completely versed in, I won't pursue this course any longer.

However, its not like the Federation is at war with anyone else. Sure there is the Borg conflict which never seems to end (only from headstart to ltc, haven't made it past that point). However, as the game stands, the only big threat is the Klingon invasion and their allies. So, if in the unlikely event that the Federation is at war (again) with the Klingons and Dominion, I think for, at least a short time, they can handle a two front battle. But at that point, the Romulans better step up and pitch a shut-out on their way to Qo'nos.
to clarify..the romulans my not be a threat..but people lie the feds will defend them if thats the case causing it's own problem. My point being that war or no war what with the klingons, the borg, the romunlans(they coul ally themselves) and a host of other races that could become involved the region is "unstable" and "ripe" for war..and with the power being unbalanced thanks to the fall of the fomulans...history hhas shown these time to be the ones that can spiral out of control all of this is just me fantasising and speculating of course....but i dont think I a being to "far out" man! hehe