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02-06-2010, 08:20 AM
Don't forget the Narada. She was built in this time period. She may have vanished, but I have reason to believe the Romulans have advanced technology that they gleaned from the borg, at least, the Narada featured a lot of borg-based nano-technology and a transwarp drive (though my puny 1st tier ship does, too, apparently, I think it's a cool effect, btw).
The Romulans probably also have a lot of ships around their sector that weren't destroyed by the catastrophe. A lot of shipyards were probably off-world, too, to avoid civilian casualties in case of an attack. I mean, obviously, the Romulans aren't going to wither and die so easy, but I think their greatest problem is their splintered government, I don't know how stable it is and what it's intentions and standing towards the federation is.

However I do know, that, like since always, Romulans hate Klingons and vice versa.