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02-06-2010, 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by QE2
to clarify..the romulans my not be a threat..but people lie the feds will defend them if thats the case causing it's own problem. My point being that war or no war what with the klingons, the borg, the romunlans(they coul ally themselves) and a host of other races that could become involved the region is "unstable" and "ripe" for war..and with the power being unbalanced thanks to the fall of the fomulans...history hhas shown these time to be the ones that can spiral out of control all of this is just me fantasising and speculating of course....but i dont think I a being to "far out" man! hehe
If anything, the power-base shifted to the Federation, which even post dominion output, probably still doubles what the Klingons have, which is why they reinforce their armada with naussicans and gorn fleets.