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02-06-2010, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by Wargus View Post
Actually you can, even been confirmed by the devs in CB. However, you have to be pretty nimble on the keyboard to do it. Basically you have to fast target, fire the fore beams, cycle target, fire the aft beams, cycle back to your first target (you can swap back & forth if you have the keys mapped correctly), & so on.
Honestly that still sounds like single targetting still to me, since your forward weapons won't fire at same time as you aim your rear weapons and you still ahve to individually target each ship and not leave your weapons to fire off on targets on their own.

I think that if one weapon is unable to fire on your current target, that it should be able to fire on any other targets in range or something similar, or even be able to easily assign targets for all your weapons and ahve each firing at different targets.