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At the moment I dread ground missions, they drag on and on for ages and now I am fighting Romulans they take even longer than before. THe Romulan Commanders are the msot annoying, taking around 5 minutes to kill just one of them since they keep recharging their shields every 8 seconds or so which is barely enough time to get any hits on them.

I also find that msot of them just involve killing legions of enemies to get to an objective, I find this very boring and just stray off the road and find my own way to the objectives, even with this work around I still spend just as long trying to get all my BOs successfully through all the plants and rocks without getting stuck.

Some of the non-combat ground missions can be quite interesting but they are very rare and instead I always end up with these missions where I have to go through so many groups of enemies that it just gets extremely boring and repetitive, espeically with these Romulan Commanders and such that appear and take forever to take down.

Sure you can say that some of these things are meant to add a challenge, but to be honest it's just the same challenge over and over again but with a few tiny differences.

This is just my personal view on Ground Combat at the moment. Improvements I, personally, would like to see is more non-combat missions that arn't just 5 minutes long and more ground combat missions that don't take me up to half an hour and beyond to complete.