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02-06-2010, 09:47 AM
Originally Posted by i8nemo View Post
Have you ever played an MMO before? Or played any sort of computer game? Bugs happen, down time happens, maintenance needs to happen. It is the nature of designing programs with more than 100 lines of code. I’m not really a big MMO fan, but even I know that the biggest and best (Like WoW) fall prey to bugs, exploits, and ‘unexpected’ server down time. Do a google search for WoW and server and you’ll find more comics and jokes about waiting for the servers to come back up than you can shake a phaser at.

So relax, Cryptic likes this product as much as (almost) any fanboy. They’ll get it fixed, no litigation needed.

And when the servers are running just make with the PewPew and not the QQ.
I played WoW since day one. We couldent play much the first month and a half but most of us also got 30 day EXTRA credits on our accounts. At least the ones who phones up Blizzard.

7 Digit steam account.. Yeah ive been a PC Gamer possibly since you were gleam in your dad's eye.

I DONT MIND DOWNTIMES!! Load issues the first month of an MMO is normal.

But the lack of polish, broken missions that have been broken since we beta tested... The mishandling of retail sales for preorders.

This game COULD BE AWESOME!! And its why i am so vocal about this. Just needed 6 more months in the garage before willingly taking our money