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02-06-2010, 10:48 AM
to be honest all whis complaining on cloaked ships is ridiculous and even removing the ablity to cloak would be an even worse idea. one it woud not be cannon to remove the cloaking ablity who wants to play a klingon or romulan ship that cant cloak. To be honest i think the people that complain about cloaking are people that dont understand battle. In war its never balanced. One side always has some type of advantage whether it be numbers or equipment. Iv gone into battle in my groups and we had variety of ships and one. we used tactics and corinated with each other which works great cause with out communication you will fail in battle. We used tractor beams scaned, and had different heals its all skill.
So to make things more even would be boring and it would be catering to people that cant think before they leap.