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02-06-2010, 09:48 AM
I'd like to see the feds have a slight advantage every level, such that if both sides play poorly, the feds win. I like it being uphill, and to any kdf that whine about that I'd love to send them packing back to the blue side.

That being said, my self-appointed role in this forum from the first day I've logged in is to protect the game from the masses of incompetent accusers who will if left unchecked actually damage the game by compelling developers to make wrongful adjustments to gameplay in a flawed attempt to correct through impossible means the wrong execution on the part of the player.

No amount of nerfing the klingon side is going to make it possible to allow a fed player who fails to group, doesn't understand power settings, doesn't react in pvp, doesn't understand how ship stats work and has been lazy about acquiring good gear to win against an opponent who is trying.

Those are the people I argue against, and I can tell who they are every time. I know when I am talking to someone who understands the game, and importantly - those people often share my observations.

Winning and losing in this game is dependent on skill, expertise and coordination. When those conditions are met, then and ONLY then can observations be made about balance.

It's as true as ever, that the least qualified to make any statement about evaluating the game are always the first to do so. That is because incompetence is perversely more likely to make someone bolder about their opinion rather than cautious. The most incompetent are the ones who overestimate their own ability, and underestimate the abilities of others, causing arrogance and a massive distortion of perception when the outcome does not match their expectations. Professionals see this in the workplace all the time.

What is happening in this game is that the truly incompetent think they are good, play the game against people who they assume aren't as good as they are, and lose miserably. Obviously, the only explanation given their assumptions is that the game must be flawed, because they are good and everyone else is not as good. How else could they lose?

This is what I am fighting against, because it's the sheer force of stupidity, and those people can harm games if they are not sufficiently kicked in the mouth.

Thanks for listening to my rant.