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02-06-2010, 10:02 AM
Originally Posted by theCorvus
My opinion is that this game has always had too many enemies. I would much prefer to be fighting harder and fewer enemies. Away missions feel like rambo because I have to slay dozens upon dozens to achieve my missions, and half the time the missions are non-sensical ("so the Klingons are making weapons? And you want me to beam down kill a company of Klingon warriors and plant charges to destroy the weapons? How about we just glass the site from orbit with our STARSHIP DEATH RAYS!")
Dude for serious we may as well as just do an orbital bombardment most times, we ****ing kill a 1000 guys per mission anyway, klingons called kirk a great warrior but he got's **** all on us, we're death incarnate, I've probably killed more people than have been killed in all the series put together.

I completely agree OP, I too dread ground it's out and out the worst part of the game, and then just to spite us, cryptic makes it take forever to get through those missions.

Please if we must kill so many cut their hp in half and double basic attack damage(don't bother saying that'd be too easy, I've died bloody twice to remans+server lag, and a perma hold in a group mission, I take on entire rooms at once sometimes), it's just so lame I've got phasers and disruptors yet it takes 198352 shots to kill someone without an expose.