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02-06-2010, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by Koldfusion View Post
The sad part is people like you an their apathetic attitude has allowed Game Companies to sell poor products a head of time and thus screwing the rest of us over.

STO has made me consider selling off a 7 digit steam account.
you know, while I too am sick of game companies selling unfinished products, I don't think this would work for an MMO.

I utterly despise the direction that many games are taking. I'd love nothing more to watch EA crumble beneath the force of the voices of gamers saying they're sick of the same game over and over, that they're sick of unfinished games and sick of a lack of support for them when they break something in the game, but the sad thing is, as you've said gamers have become apathetic, complacive, subservient to their game publisher's greed.

With an MMO, though, yes, you would that after 15 years they could figure out how to make a server work properly at launch, iron out all of the bug and what not, but you likly don't have a case there.
If you have a case ANYWHERE about a rushed release, however, your blame should be placed upon game publishers.

Publishers have the single goal of feeding developers money and then gaining money from a game's sale. IF a game is rushed out the door, you can bet it's because the publishers didn't want to wait on a return on their investment any more and, knowing full well the state of the game, declared it "good enough" and forced it out the door.

But really man, not to sound harsh, but get over it. This is how the start of an MMO goes. There are far more variables at stake then in Halo or CoD that can go wrong.

IF you want to start a class action law suit against a gaming company, grab some EA games. Get Mercs 2 and try to get the game to start, play 25 different versions of the same NFL game, attack them for false claims regarding EA Sports Resort for Wii, attack them for an offensive and completely unoriginal story line in Army of 2 that was designed to be gobbled up by a post 9/11, post Katrina, post Iraq, post Afganastan audience of zombies and morons.

Seriously, there are so many gaming companies out there that have sold much worse games or much more offensive game.

You can either put the game down, or you can execute your right as an American to be a d!ck and start a law suit. It's your call, you're free to do what you want, sadly.