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# 1 Help me decide my T2 class!
02-06-2010, 10:15 AM
I'm a Lt9 Engineer and will probably make LtC this weekend. From the get-go I was working on the assumption I was going to be a cruiser man the whole way through the game. I tend to be a tank in games like this but I think my control style might actually suit escorts more. I have some questions about both classes.

I tend to steer my ship with the mouse and both mouse buttons held down. I keep my target centered up and either pass by and then double back for another pass or cut my speed to 1/2 and keep the target centered up to hammer one shield. Considering cruisers are build for broadsides I think with this flying style I'd generate a lot more DPS with an escort and it's extra forward weapons slot.

For you cruiser drivers, what's your steering method to line up for broadsides? Do you mouse-steer? Or do you steer with WASD while keeping the target on screen with the mouse? I wish this game had a padlock view!

My escort question is about the 3rd front weapon slot. With my tier one ship, I have a cannon on autofire in the front, a beam on autofire aft, and fire forward torpedos manually while I focus on steering, shields and boffs. I think you're limited to 2 autofire slots. Is this one front and one rear, or is it just 2 anywhere? If the limit is 1 autofire in the front how do you escort pilots manage to manage your shields, steer, work your boffs and hammer on the space bar all at once?