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02-06-2010, 10:53 AM
Originally Posted by Darkstahr View Post
Having played other games where stealth was an just have to find it's counter measure. Which is usually some type of accuracy or "sensor" type ability. Also give this issue time. The game is only a week old, players haven't yet discovered effective counter tactics yet. I guarantee a month or two from now stealth won't be as big of a "OMG...Dooom" isue as seems now.
All the counter measures were nerfed due to crying by klinks in beta. Even MES which sort of evened the tables was nerfed due to crying.

Anyway back to topic. I would like to see a diminishing return type of detect cloaked. It would add some suspense to both sides. For example, say detection worked out to 12 km but only had a 20% to work. As you got closer the odds got better... at 7 km it was 50% ... at 4 km it was 80%. The detection check would run every 6 seconds.

Now that would keep everyone on their seats. Because even at 4 km range, no one knows for sure if the area is clear or not