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02-06-2010, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by Torchwood68 View Post
Blue Phasers are cool. I paid more to have blue phasers (more or less for that reason).
This is often incorrectly assumed when it comes to bonus items. You didn't actually pay for the bonus item, you paid the same as anyone else and got a "bonus" for pre-ordering. I hear this a lot, "paid for borg, payed for this, payed for that, etc." The only thing you have paid for is the retail price of the game, in the case of subscriptions, you paid for the subscription, not the bonus items. The 30 days of gametime that come with a retail purchase is also a bonus. All bonuses are free, you don't actually pay extra for them.

Having said that, I too wish the Gamestop Constitution's blue phasers were tied to the ship itself and not the items. When I first got mine I upgraded the weapons (not realizing they were actually good up to MK II) and then sat there wondering why all the phasers weren't blue. If the items were clearly labeled and the text colored blue like a rare, it would have avoided some confusion.