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I've been looking at Suricata's ship chart for KDF, trying to do some research and establish a rough game-plan before I make a KDF character. I'm having trouble understanding some of the things on the chart and was hoping someone could help me sort it out.

Surcata's Ship Chart

With regards to the Klingon Vessels, I have a few questions:

1) What do the "neutral" bridge officers mean? Does that mean any type of officer can fill that slot?
2) Are all of the ships in T1-4 classified as escorts? Or what all kinds of ships do the Klingons have available to them?
3) The big T5 battlecruiser confuses me. It has less weapon slots and less bridge officer slots than the other T5 ships. What's the purpose of the huge ship?
4) Do only the Bird of Prey ships have cloaking, or do some of the other ships have cloaking as well?
5) Can someone tell me about the 3 bottom ships? K'tinga, Vor'cha, and Negh'var. Are these cruisers? Or what are they?