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02-06-2010, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by Khromm View Post
We need the devs to take another look at this.

The current skill cap is way way too low. Okay, so the point behind the cap is to prevent high level players from outclassing newer high level players in PvP. That I can appreciate - I wouldn't want to get to 45, decide to go into PvP because all else that's left is exploration/fleet actions, and get toasted every time I faced off against a single Klingon Brigadier General because he's got more skill points than me (no... wait... that would almost seem fair... better skilled opponent... what a challenge...). But having it set so low prevents you from being able to fully utilise your new Star Cruiser but investing suffient points in your ship and associated weapons/engineering/science/tactical skills.

I know the devs have said that a sufficently skilled and equipped T4 captain can match a T5 captain under the right circumstances, but these are not the right circumstances.

Personally I agree with a previous poster about increasing the SP requirements per Admiral rank, and would not be averse to reducing the amount of SP needed per skill level. I'm ambivalent about keeping the skill cap or having it removed entirely; either way we need to be able to use more of the Admiral skills. The current cap is just too low for that...

If it takes the average player 2 weeks to hit admiral, another 2 days to cap admiral out, does it really matter? They will only be outclassed for a couple weeks CASUALLY... Most MMOs you are outclassed by months, if not a year in some extreme cases.