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Hi all,

So, I am ranking up nicely, although, focusing mostly on PVP and just trying to make credits. I actually enjyo PVPing a lot, and so, my Klingon has become my primary. It only stinks when the PuG can't coordinate attacks, otherwise, I like it a lot.

Anyways, thats another topic. So, I got my T2 BoP the other night and well, I am saving credits to equip it better - it seems credits are coming nicely by strictly PVPing. In any event, I need some advice.

I can buy from the exchange or I can buy from vendors. Which is the best to purchase from? I won't be flying to the T2 BoP after I get my T3, but I want it to have the best possible equipment. I was at the exchange and was looking at the type III gear and it's a bit pricey, but I'm sure worth it.

any help would be great.